Honey Icebox Cookies

I have strong opinions about honey. I love honey. If only it was possible, I’d hang out with Winnie the Pooh and eat honey any day of the week.

I will also believe pretty much that honey is capable of pretty much anything. Sometimes it’s a fact – honey is antiseptic. Sometimes it’s folk wisdom – honey is the best cure for a cold. Sometimes it is something I may have read on the internet a long time ago, and has been floating through my consciousness ever since – eating local honey will reduce your sensitivity to local allergens. It all sounds good to me!

Plus, honey is just so delicious. Naturally, cookies made with honey are also delicious.

These cookies came about when I was trying to make something totally different. Life will surprise you! I’ve been experimenting, trying to recreate a vanilla cookie recipe that I lost over the summer, and I’ve become a lot more confident about baking without following a recipe.

I have baked some cookies that were flat-out gross. (Lesson learned: cookies made out of mostly eggs are very dense.) It’s definitely been a process of learning, and eating, and learning, and eating. Experimenting is a good excuse to always have cookies around…

These honey cookies came out of that process. They are a far cry from the vanilla cookies I was trying to make, but they are so simple and yummy — a successful experiment. As an added plus, they are gluten-free and refined sugar-free.

Honey Icebox Cookies

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